Hello and Welcome to Earn While You Cook (EWYC), Manimuthar!

This is our blog about our journey in search of a self-sustaining economic activity that we hope would give us a better chance at improving our community's development curve and make it self-sustaining.

This is the story of our attempt to sculpt a better economic destiny using something that is a part of our daily lives: Charcoal, the residue from biomass cookstoves.

Beedi rolling and seasonal agriculture have been the mainstay of our community's economy. But we are very hopeful of the opportunity that EWYC presents, where our women use the  biomass residue from our cookstoves to make lifestyle products and thus co-create an economic activity that will in turn help sustain the community in the long-term. 

We take pride in being:
       India’s first 'Earn while you cook' Micro-enterprise in the organised sector.  
       India’s first Activated Charcoal Products series based on sustainably produced charcoal.  
       First ever attempt in the world, where cookstove residue becomesthe currency to finance cookstoves for BoP communities.  
    But we realise that at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing: Creating a sustainable sales channel for the products we make. And, to do this we are officially launching an initiative through a crowdfunding campaign, where we seek pre-orders for our 6 Detox Personal Careproducts. We believe that our products can seamlessly replace the products you currently use every day, without the guilt of polluting the ecosystem. 

    And this will help us sustain a community that has made the effort to kick the beedi rolling habit and take on a task that can only be completed with your participation as active consumers.